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Save On Beer With Terminal City Brewing

Cut your monthly beer bill in half with Terminal City Brewing

"To beer or not to beer?" 🍺

Just kidding! 😂

ALWAYS have a fresh batch of beer in your fridge and save a ton of money by...making it yourself!

We make it super EASY by handling all the hard parts behind the scenes until your personal batch is ready for bottling...

...so you can fully enjoy delicious beverages for less than HALF the cost of their liquor store equivalents.

You're welcome! 😉

  • Great Craft Beer

  • Cheaper Than Liquor Store Prices

  • Guaranteed Quality

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Greg K.

I've been a customer here for 20+ years - great guys, delicious beer, fantastic atmosphere in the shop. My favourite errand (by far) is dropping by Terminal City.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Vince Y

Great team. Excellent u brew and high quality beer and wine. What more can you ask for. I have been coming here for years and they have never disappoint me with the quality of their product. Highly recommend.

Terminal City Brewing Helps Save You Money

Terminal City Brewing Owner Bryn Hughes

I'm Bryn, the owner of Terminal City Brewing. I started getting beer here over 15 years ago, before buying the business in 2019. I loved the beer so much I bought the shop!

We make great craft beer. You save money.


How Does it Work?

Don't like paying taxes?

Did you know beer made for your own personal use is tax free?

We do all the mashing, boiling, fermenting, filtering and carbonating.

You bottle it up yourself in our facility.

You pay less than you would at any liquor store.

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